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2006©Transafepro | Transportation Safety Products, Inc. owns the original patents,
US#5,293,151 and CAN#2,106,142 on its Child Safety Alarm System™.
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The Child Safety Alarm System may help save lives and lower liability. Wherever school buses operate, there is a risk that children can be hurt or killed. Every year, children lose their lives because they didnít know the school bus was coming or that it was about to move. Furthermore, in the event of an accident, school bus drivers and parents, as well as the school system, can face emotional and financial ruin. Now, you can change that. By easily adapting your buses with the Child Safety Alarm System, you can save lives and lower your liability.

The Child Safety Alarm System is an advanced voice alarm system (audible alarm) that actually talks to and alerts the children with three distinct, clear and loud voice messages. The messages can be programmed in any language or message devised by the school district. Some suggestions follow:

Stay back! Stay back, until the bus stops!
Look to the driver for a signal to exit or enter the bus. Watch your step!
Warning! Stand back! Stand back! This bus is about to move!

Additionally, the Child Safety Alarm System is:

Easy to install, typically takes only 15 minutes
Cost-effective, you can afford to equip your entire fleet
Simple to operate, adds peace of mind for your drivers without extra effort
Holds red lights for 6-9 seconds
Programmable in any language/voice or can record alternate languages/voices sequentially within each segment

The Child Safety Alarm System is already in use on thousands of buses across the country. Don’t wait another second. Listen to the voice of reason, especially when it’s coming from a talking bus!

“The Child Safety Alarm keeps the red flashing lights on several extra seconds to allow the riders to reach a place of safety outside the loading/unloading zone. These are the most crucial seconds of greatest risk for school bus riders. This alarm is a cost effective tool for risk and liability management. No school bus should be without a Child Safety Alarm.”

Retired Ohio Director of Pupil Transportation


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